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Mother's Day Community support and empowerment

This Mother’s Day, we were proud to be the principal partners of the Home. Hope. Horizon. luncheon. This event was dedicated to supporting Karinya House, a beacon of hope for women and families in our community. Karinya House provides crucial support services, including accommodation, counselling, and help with transitioning to independent living. Their work is vital in helping women to not just survive but thrive after facing adversity, paving the way for them to return to work, save for a home, and parent effectively.

Debra Parker, Parker Coles Curtis Director, said ‘our commitment to the community extends well beyond the courtroom. Our three directors are not only legal experts but also mothers and we understand that nurturing support has a profound impact on women and families. This understanding guides our involvement in community initiatives, particularly those aimed at empowering women through difficult transitions.’

The partnership with Karinya House aligns perfectly with the firm’s values. As Canberra’s largest female-led law firm, Parker Coles Curtisare acutely aware of the unique challenges women face, particularly during pivotal life changes such as separation, custody battlesand family law issues.

‘Supporting Karinya House is not just about charity; it’s about investing in the foundations of our community. When a woman is empowered and supported, she can change her world and, by extension, the world of those around her—including her children and future generations.’ Debra said.

Throughout May 2024, we are matching every donation to the Home. Hope. Horizon. charity appeal.This means we are effectively doubling every donation to Karinya House up to the first $30,000. This initiative could transform $30,000 into $60,000...amplifying our collective impact!

Why is this important to us? At Parker Coles Curtis, we believe that empowering women is crucial. Women who overcome difficult circumstances often go on to make significant contributions to their communities. They break cycles of disadvantage and create new patterns of success that echo through generations. 

Our support for Karinya House reflects our broader commitment to providing comprehensive and compassionate legal services that consider the emotional and practical needs of women and families. This partnership is a natural extension of our work, embodying our core belief that when we support each other, especially the most vulnerable among us, the entire community becomes stronger.

As we continue to support and partner with organisationssuch as Karinya House, we reaffirm our dedication not only to our clients but to the broader community. We are grateful for the opportunity to contribute to such a meaningful cause and look forward to seeing the positive outcomes that our joined efforts will inevitably bring.

Find out more about Karinya House or donate to the appeal here